Tournament Start / End

  • Qualifier Rounds: Saturday July @ 11:00 am
  • Finals: Saturday July 4th @ 05:00pm448650-basketball__mario_sports_mix_

Tournament Style

  • 3×3 Mixed & Hobby (ages 16 and up)
  • Double-Game Elimination

Game System

  • 3 players ; 2 subs (up to five players max per team; min four)

Game Time(s)

  • 15 mins or first team to reach 15 points (running clock)

Game Site

  • Outdoor Basketball Courts in Mallnitz

*Alternate indoor hall in case of bad weather

Point / Scoring

  • Each basketball score inside the Arc worth 1pt
  • Each basketball scored outside Arc worth 2pt

Tournament Rules

  • Loser Ball: exchange possesion after each scored basket
  • Free Throws: all free throws worth 1 point each / continuation is basket plus one free throw shot awarded
  • Fouls/ Free-throws: In the act of shooting – 1 free throw for fouls committed inside Arc / 2 free throws for fouls committed outside Arc
  • Substitutions: subs exchange during deadball time
  • Timeouts: no Timeouts! (only in the case of injury or bad weather)
  • Game Starts: coin flip determines which team starts
  • Shot Clock: no Shot Clock
  • Air Balls: defending team must „clear“ airballs beyond Arc

The Open Draft Pick will take place on Friday July 6th @ 9pm following hotel check-in and dinner. Open Draft will consist of all the names of private guest who joined the event without a team but would like to compete and for teams who don’t have enough players and wish to add more players. Existing teams (max 4. to 5 players) are not required to enter their team into open draft.

– Players without a team will submit their name into „tournament open draft“ box drawing and will be automatically added to teams who wish to add extra players in the drawing process

– The final five (5) names of private players will complete the team open draft selection process

Reservation(s): use contact page